All Olaria Studio goods are made from stoneware clay or stoneware porcelain and fired to a vitreous cone 6 (2200 degrees F). This means they are typically very strong when cared for properly. Should it become dirty, soap and water cleaning is the safest and best way to clean it. For functional wares, please do not put them in the dishwasher (but the microwave is okay). The jewelry is strong and lightweight, but is no match for your ceramic tile bathroom floor, so we suggest you remove your jewelry where you typically store it.

The Chain: We oxidized the sterling chains ourselves and through wearing, the patina is likely to vary slightly due to skin oils. Oxidation is a natural process that happens to sterling silver, we have just sped the process up. DO NOT wear your jewelry swimming or in the shower. DO NOT try to shorten the length of your necklace by clasping it through the chain links themselves (we can send you jump rings for that!). This will most certainly weaken the links and compromise the integrity of the chain, causing it to break. There is a charge for replacement chains, but they are available.